Monday, March 25, 2013

Korg GA-30 Ultra Compact Guitar and Bass Tuner review

I bought the Korg GA-30 Ultra Compact Guitar and Bass Tuner for my guitar and this tuner is awesome. Many people like to use a pitch pipe to tune their guitar but I think that it takes times for beginner guitarist to develop their ears to tune the guitar properly using a pitch pipe.

Guitar tuning is a difficult thing and I recommend beginner guitarists to use an electronic tuner instead. There many reasons behind this. One reason is that the beginner guitarist's ears are not developed so they find it difficult to to recognize different notes. But this doesn't mean this tuner is only for beginner guitarists.

This tuner can be used by all the guitarist whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

To tune the guitar, you just have to play the string and look at the needle type meter. When you will play a string, the needle will move on the tuner and it will tell you what note you are playing. You can change the settings to Guitar or bass depending on what you are tuning.

You can tune an acoustic guitar without a cable and the tuner is sharp to pick up the sounds from your acoustic guitar

There is an input where you can plugin your electric guitar with a cable and also a bass guitar with the cable. When you insert the cable and play the strings, the meter will move. After that, you just have to tighten to losen string according to the note you want. The battery life is also very good and it lasts for a long time. Mine lasted for more than a year.

So if you want that perfect tuning and want to sound awesome, buy this  Korg GA-30 Ultra Compact Guitar and Bass Tuner from Amazon by clicking on the link below

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