Friday, November 2, 2012

Solid states amp used by a professional guitarist.

There are many professional guitarists who say that they use only tube amplifiers and because they don’t get a good sound from their guitar by using solid state amps.  I think tube amps sound good but solid states amplifiers can also be used to make some awesome music. 

I have always felt that good music is made by musician’s talent and not by using the best gear. There are people who have the best guitars but don’t know to make good music.  So you don’t believe me !

Here is one video of Tom Morello who talks about using a guitar that he bought from a pawn shop and a solid state amplifier to make an album which won a Grammy. 

This  video is inspiring to me and I hope you guys and gals like it also. Cheers!

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aj said...

Two of my all time favorite amps are a VOX pathfinder (you can crank the pre-amp and it the amp reacts like a valve amp) and the roland jazz chorus (in clean mode with no chorus!) - Both are solid state and I haven't yet had a problem with either!