Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rock guitar lessons that every rock guitar player needs to know!

There are many important rock guitar lessons. What can you do to make your guitar playing to sound like rock? I feel that there are two important things which are required for rock guitar playing.

There will certainly be many other things however I feel the two most important things can be the following:

1) Power chords
2) Pentatonic scales

You can play open chords when you compose your guitar rock song, however if you want to sound cool and make a good guitar rock song, you need to play power chords with some distortion.

You can play two or three power chords with distortion and you will get a feel of playing some rock songs.

If you want to play some rock guitar solos, you need to master pentatonic scale patterns. Most of the rock songs or rock guitarists use pentatonic scales to make good rock guitar solos.

Play the pentatonic scales and power chords using a metronome and you will be soon reach your goal of becoming a rock guitarist.

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