Wednesday, November 11, 2009

guitar lessons for beginners.

Anybody who has started to learn the guitar needs to know what he or she should learn! So what should one learn when someone is starting out?

guitar lessons for beginners

If you focus on few basics that I have covered in this free guitar lessons blog, you can start playing guitar in a very short time. When you are starting out, you need to build strength of your fingers and you can do that by practicing the chromatic scale and also learn to play few open chords.

These are a few things that I recommend for a complete beginner who is learning to play the guitar:

1) Learn to tune the guitar (Buy an electronic tuner) - Tuning is very important for a beginner and if you don't learn this, you will learn wrong notes and you don't want to do this. You need to learn the sound of the basic chords that you play and this can be done when your guitar is properly tuned. This is a very important skill for a musician.

2) Practice the chromatic scale - Chromatic scale has all the notes and is also a good exercise for your fingers. It will strengthen your fingers when you are starting out and is also good to learn the sound of the notes.

3) Learn basic chords - Chords are the backbone of music and it is absolutely necessary to lean chords. You can learn basic open chords and try to distinguish between the sounds of the different chords. Learning the guitar chord songs will help as you a musician. The main goal for any musician is to play songs by ear. When you memorize the sound of the different chords, it will help you a lot in future. Trust me on this.

4) Learn to change chords from one chord to another - How are songs made. Songs are made of different chords. When you are learning chords, you should also learn practice to switch between chords. When you switch chords you can make songs of your own or you can play songs of other people.

5) Learn the major scale - Learn how major scale is constructed and how chords are made from the major scale. Major scale is used for reference for many things in music. So you should know how to make a major scale and how to derive chords from the major scale.
6) Making a practice schedule - You will have to decide which is the best time for you to practice. Practicing for half an hour or one hour everyday is very important. You will have to set your priorities and then make a practice plan.

These are some beginner guitar lessons that I feel are important.

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