Thursday, September 10, 2009

Online songwriting

In this free online guitar lesson, I felt I should post something about songwriting.

One important online guitar lesson is songwriting and when one becomes a guitarist, he or she should know how to write a song.

Songwriting is an important thing for a musician. Most of us who play the guitar love to play cover songs. Many of us have also picked up the guitar to play our favorite songs.

We should play some cover songs but we should also focus our skills on making new songs and using our creativity.

There are many things that we need to consider when making a song

Be unique when writing a song

You can be unique by focusing on your own mental pictures and experiences when writing a song. By this way, you can tap into your creativity. When you are composing your first song, writing something is difficult but keep on trying. Don’t think how the final song will be. Just write anything. You can tweak your song later and add details.

Be unique but also use some conventional methods

If you don’t want your songs to be completely different, I would like to illustrate some points that you can consider when you are making a song.

Most of the songs that we hear have the following parts:

1) Verse

2) Pre chorus

3) Chorus

4) Verse again or verse 2

5) Bridge

6) Guitar Solo

7) Verse or chorus again

This is a general pattern that I have mentioned and its’ not necessary that all the songs will have this pattern. Many songs have a different pattern and most of the modern rock songs don’t have a solo.

You can tap into your creativity and make a few changes as you like. A verse should be good and when the listener starts listening to the song, he should get engrossed in the song. A pre chorus is a part when the song changes from verse and the listeners subconsciously feel something new is going to come. It’s kind of a transition from verse to the chorus.

When the chorus of the song comes, that’s the time when the tune should be ‘catchy’. We have seen many times when people repeat some tunes of some good songs. So chorus should be very good.

Bridge is a part when the song changes and it breaks the monotony of the song. As a guitar player one can use a passing chord or some other chord which doesn’t belong to the diatonic scale. I feel these are few things that are required for a great songwriter and you can try them out. I would also like to emphasize on experimentation as more you experiment with what you already know in terms of chords and scales, the more unique and good your music will be. I hope you like this online free guitar lesson. There are also many songwriting contests online. You can take part in them after writing some good songs.

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Anonymous said...

I like your clear and straight forward approach to songwriting and I have learnt a lot! Thanks!