Monday, June 1, 2009

Using a metronome to learn strumming.

Using Metronome with strumming patterns.

This free guitar lesson is about Using a metronome to learn strumming can be a very rewarding experience. You will come to know when to play in time and this will increase your skills when you play with a band. A drummer of the band usually gives the time and you can get the feel of playing in right time by using a metronome. You can download a free metronome on your computer.

There are many guitar websites that offer this. You can look up for this on your favorite search engine. If you are using a metronome to learn strumming, make sure that your tempo is low and you can start with 50 beats per minute or 60 beats per minute.

You can start the metronome and you can start playing some quarter notes and when you are comfortable, you can increase the tempo or beats per minute. So for every time you hear the metronome beat, you need to strum down when you hear the beat. At the same time you can change chords. This is called a quarter note strumming pattern.

When you hear the metronome beat and you strum down and up, every time you hear a beat, then this means you are playing eight note strumming pattern. These are easy strumming patterns you can start with and you can gradually mix both the patterns when you are confident.

Increase the metronome tempo only when you strum properly because when you are learning to strum accuracy is more important than speed.

I have also posted another free guitar lesson on this blog about how to strum with plectrum.

The reason behind using a metronome to learn strumming is that you build speed gradually and you will play in time.

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