Thursday, March 5, 2009

Basics of soloing 2

In this post, I thought giving some tips about making a solo. As I have covered Basics of soloing in another post, I will giving discuss some specific things that we need to keep in mind when we are trying to make a solo.

If you have read my previous post, you must be knowing by now, that you need to play a scale pattern over the chord progression.

The best solos are made when your real musical self comes out and when you are playing the right scale over a chord progression. The music should come from inside you. You need to play the correct notes in the scale over the chord that is playing in the background.

This means that if your rhythm guitarist is playing a C chord, you know that you can use the C major scale to solo over it. This is basic stuff. To get to an advanced level from a basic level, you will sound even better if you choose the right notes of the C Major scale.

Your solo will sound good if you are using the notes C E or G of the C major scale. C E G are the notes of C major scale. If you play these notes when C chord is being played, you will make an amazing solo even if you are playing three notes. The trick is to play the notes of the chord that is being played by the rhythm guitarist in your band.

So if someone is playing an F chord, you can play F A or the C notes of the C major scale. When you first start this, you will have to locate the notes on the strings of your guitar. You will become proficient later on.

There will be a time when you don't have to look for notes. Your hands will go directly to the right note when a chord is being played. This happens after lot of practice and spending lot of time with your guitar.

To create amazing solos, you and your guitar need to become one. This means that whatever musical tone you imagine in your mind, you should be able to play that on your guitar. The pleasure that you will get from this is immense and I can't explain it in this post. You have to practice everyday to achieve that elated state of mind and make a solo.

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