Friday, January 30, 2009

Choosing the right guitar.

Choosing the right guitar is the most important thing for a guitarist. It's a myth that you need an expensive guitar to sound good. A $200 guitar will also sound good in a hands of a great musician.

So when you are starting out, it's not necessary for you to buy an expensive guitar. Practice and patience will make you a great guitarist.

I would also like say is there some qualities that you need to look for when you buy a guitar. I will mention them to you. Another important factor to consider is that you need to feel good when you pick up the guitar. This is extremely important when you purchase a guitar. You can feel comfortable with an expensive guitar and also with a low cost guitar.

You will have to make a budget and keep that in mind when you are going to your nearby guitar shop to purchase a guitar.

If you are buying an electric guitar, I would recommend an Ibanez guitar. I feel they are the best guitars in the market and the fretboard feel is also excellent.

Following are the things that you need to keep in your mind:

1) Check the fretboard. Play few chords and then play some scales. Does it feel good and is the fretboard smooth when you play the scales or it gives you an irritating feeling when you play them.

2) Check out how far are the strings from the fretboard. The gap should not be much because it gets difficult to play scales. You will have to use lot of finger energy and you will have a problem with speed picking. If you want to shred like Steve Vai or any other guitarist, this is a very important point to consider.

3) Always buy a guitar with a nice whammy bar, so you can add some variation in your solos.

4) Choose the color you like. I personally prefer white or black.

5) Plug in the guitar to an amplifier and listen to the sound without using distortion and with distortion. Do you like the sound?

The bottom line is go to your nearby guitar store and try as many guitars as you like. Do this even if it takes two hours and the sales representative is sick of you. After playing so many guitars, there is no doubt that you will come across some good guitars. Don't get confused. Make the right decision and only you can make that right decision for you.

I hope this post and article helps you.

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