Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Man Band.

There was time when I always wanted to make a band. I started playing the guitar and it was difficult for me to make a band. As I stay in India, rock scene is not that good. Me being a rock fan, it's very difficult for me to find a drummer and make a band. It's still fun to be a part of a band. What I am trying to explain is that what do you do when you can't find someone who can play with you. The first thing that comes on everyone's mind is to quit, give up or throw the towel. Or maybe even better, to play alone or wait for a miracle.

Miracles do happen in life however it's stupid for us to wait for something when you want something very badly.

I started talking to my brother who is in the United States and also a very good composer. He came to my rescue and told me that as I can't find a drummer, I can buy a software which is called Sony Acid Pro and can start making my own music.

I bought this software and I also bought the drum loops CD and suddenly I felt that I am jamming with an invisible drummer. There were different grooves or beats that I could choose.

If anyone who is in a similar crisis that I was in, I would recommend to buy a Sony Acid Pro software and drum loops CD. You can search for these products on a search engine that you like and you will get information about them.

If you have a drummer friend then buying all these products will not be necessary. As I have used the subject 'One Man Band' for this post, I need to share one more thing with you.

I would like to share something about the midi keyboard. A midi keyboard is a device that you can use with your computer and you just have plug in to your computer's USB port. You also need a software which will help you to create different sounds.

You can play bass notes using the keyboard and can also create other sounds. I don't have this instrument. I will be buying it soon after saving some money.

When you have drum loops CD, Acid Pro software, midi keyboard, then one can be a 'One Man Band'.

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