Thursday, September 25, 2008

Right Hand Technique.

Hi. Today I will be talking one of a right hand technique that is very important if anyone wants to shred like a great guitar player.When I started out i always used to wonder what is shredding. Shredding is nothing but playing fast. One can play fast by practicing with metronome.

When anyone practices with a metronome, a person stays in rhythm. I will give an explanation about rhythm in my next lesson as I will giving you information about one important aspect of guitar playing. This technique is very important and I was not using it for many years.

This technique is called alternate picking. This means that when you practice any scales on your guitar, you have to pick everything up and down. Start with a downstroke of your plectrum and after that use an up stroke. Your motion should be down up, down up. This will help you to play fast in the future. When you use the alternate picking technique with a metronome, you will be fast in a very short time.

This is no rocket science. If you practise this with all the scales you know, you will be be good in a short time. In the end it all depends on how much effort you want to put in. Always remember, the more effort you put, the more you will get.

So keep on practicing and you will be there.

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