Monday, August 11, 2008

Making a song

If anyone who pickups the guitar will also want to make a song in the future. Making a song will unleash a creative side of you.

If anyone wants to make a song and write good music, first step is to believe that we can write good music and can make a good song. If you have just started out to learn guitar, please note making a song is possible with one or two chords also.

We can all make songs by focusing on our good, bad and angry thoughts. You can make a happy song by focusing on your happy thought. Sad song by focusing on your sad thoughts. Just think about something and start to write those thoughts in poetic form on a paper. It may be difficult in the beginning however after some time you will realize that writing or making a song is not that difficult.

If you have been playing the guitar for a while you will realize that minor chords mean sad songs and happy chords means major chords. seventh chords add to the tension and drama that is needed in a song.

Anyway the point is to pick up a book and a paper and start writing after focusing on some of your life's event. You may find out that you have just made your first song. I would suggest to keep a small diary and a pen with you every time. Sometimes a song may just pop in your head. You can then pen it down on the paper.

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