Friday, June 20, 2008

Music Intervals.

Today, I will be giving a brief information about Intervals. I will discuss the C major scale to give information about intervals. We will talk about an old system of intervals. This is important because when you are jamming with any good musicians you'll often come across many jargons such as major second and minor second.

I will be talking about major intervals. The following is the C major scale:

C D E F G A B C.

If you have read my previous posts, you will know that C major scale doesn't have any sharps or flats. For convenience, it would be good if you memorize the following:

C = root note
D = major second
E = major third
F = perfect fourth
G = perfect fifth
A = major sixth
B = major seventh
C = octave (even this is a perfect interval)

The sequence of the intervals will be the same in all major scales. I have listed the G Major scale for more information:

G = root note
A = major second
B = major third
C = perfect fourth
D = perfect fifth
E = major sixth
F# = major seventh
G = octave (even this is a perfect interval)

I will be posting more information about intervals in future. This is just basic stuff that everyone should remember.

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