Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Chords

Today i will be telling you guys how to derive chords from a Major scale. One should know the major scale completely to understand what i will typing in this blog.

I have a previous post which explains about the major scale. You can check it out in Blogger history.

We'll be studying the C Major scale and because it doesn't have any sharps or flats.

The C Major scales has the following notes:


We'll make chords from the above notes. Chord is made by stacking thirds. This means you take a note in a scale and ignore the second note and go to the third note. After this we'll ignore the fourth note and then we'll go to fifth note.

For example, we'll take the C note from the above scale and ignore from the second note D and go to the third note E. We'll ignore the fourth note which is F and go to the fifth note which is G.

After following the above steps we get the following notes:


This is the C chord. By following the above procedure, you can get all the diatonic chords which are in the key of c and also any other major scale.

This is what we get when you use the above method with all the notes:

C E G = C Major chord
D F A = D Major Chord
E G B = E Minor Chord
F A C = F Major Chord
G B D = G Major Chord
B D F = B Diminished Chord

Thats all for now. Will post more lessons in future. Cheers! You can comment on this blog if you have any questions.

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