Thursday, February 7, 2008

Iron Maiden

I recently went to the Iron Maiden concert in Bombay and it was amazing. they played all of my favorite songs so i feel the 1650 rupees that I payed for their concert was worth it.

They played all the great songs such as Fear of the dark, Hallowed Be thy name and Trooper.

I was impressed by the crowd in Bombay as they were singing along with the band and Bruce Dickinson was amazing. I can't leave anyone out as everyone in the band were great.

I liked performance of Janick Gers. He was great.

I enjoyed the show and the best part was another complementary band which opened them. It was Steve Harris's daughter's band. The guitarist of this band was excellent and was playing some awesome riffs. It was inspiring to see all these great guitarists playing on the stage.

Will wait for them to come back to Bombay.

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