Monday, November 26, 2007

Introduction to Music Theory 2!

Hi. Today I will be telling you something more about music theory. You must have checked my previous post where I explained about sharp notes and natural notes. Today we’ll be talking about flat notes.

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The following is also called a chromatic scale:

A, A#,B,C,C#D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#

The above notes are sharp and natural notes. Please note when you go from the left side of the note to the right side or in musical sense from A to G, you’ll find sharp notes between the natural notes.

However, if you move backwards from G, you’ll get flat notes (the symbol used for flat notes is b) between the natural notes.


G# = Ab

F# = Gb

D# = Eb

C# = Db

A# = Bb

The above music theory will confusing. It was to me when I was learning it. You actually have to sit with your guitar and figure this all out. I’ll be posting a video lesson soon which will make this easier to understand.

The moral of story is G# can be called Ab and Ab can be called G#. This is also for the above notes.

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