Monday, May 13, 2019

Details about how Luxury events are organized in Dubai UAE

Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE and is known for many luxury events. It is a Multi cultural city with many expats and many people living from various countries around the world.

I have many friends who work there and and they are very happy there.

It is my favourite country in the Middle East and is a favourite country of many other people.

Recently there was a Arijit Singh concert organized by luxury events company Speed Entertainment. Arijit singh fans were mesmerized with his performance there and they were very happy to hear their favourite songs. He has tonnes of fans across the Indian Subcontinent. As there are many expat Indians living in the UAE, there is no doubt that there were many people who wanted to see him live.

Below is a clip of that concert.

Organizing a luxury event is not easy and a person has to go through lot of details and make sure that all the needs of client is considered whenever they are organizing a luxury event.

Person has to make sure that they are choosing the following things correctly:

1) Venue
2) Food which is made by some good catering service which has some of the best chefs
3) Good stages if it is a good corporate event
4) Nice seating arrangement
5) Good service which can be offered by waitors
6) A manager who takes care of grievances if any
7) Right security, so there are no party crashers and celebrities attending the party are protected from people who can make a nuisance

As the budget for luxury events is high and is attended by VIP, event management company should be sure that they they are making the correct choices, using the correct decor for the event and using the right creative director who knows about art.

The art of the the venue or the place should match the feel of the concert or kind of event is going to take place.

As you can see that there are many things that go into making a luxury event successful. Organizing one is not a child’s game.

It is not possible for one man to do this job. The best thing a person can do is choose from best event management companies in Dubai if you are residing in Dubai or if you are living in any other place.

I have covered most the things that an event company can do. They can also provide the right entertainment and organize kind of mini concert for the event.

This can happen because some event management help you with celebrity booking also and a right celebrity can attend the event for you or your company.

So I have a tremendous respect for people who are organize such events. They make sure that all the things are right and no things are left un-turned.

Here are few amazing events that are organized in the UAE.

Here is Metallica live in Abu Dhabi:

Friday, January 4, 2019

Guitar Lessons in Ghatkopar Mumbai

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Symphony of destruction guitar solo lesson

I was recently searching for Symphony of destruction guitar solo lesson and I found this awesome lesson and awesome YouTube channel of an awesome guitarist called Chris Zoupa.

You can check out his channel by clicking here and you can learn to play the solo by watching the video below

Watch the Symphony of destruction guitar solo lesson below